Backlink Database

This is an estimate, since I have a huge backlog on links to go through.
(Around 700+ campaigns)
Currently sorting out PR/Journalist list, hence it’s on the higher end of my database.

PR Campaigns (Brand Mentions, Quotes, HARO)
Content Campaigns (Usability-based, Informational)
PR-worthy / Headliner (Surveys, Predictions, newsjacking)
Visual Campaigns (Comparison, Participation)
User-generated Content (Forums, Contribution)
Showcase (Design, CSS, Inforgraphics)
Unscalable (Translation, Films, Fonts etc)

Why the need for a backlink database?

There’s a formula everyone is aware of in the SEO industry..

It is as simple as it sounds, but it has been preached across the years consistently across algorithmic updates.

Content + backlinks = Traffic.

Everyone knows this.

I personally had great success with it.

Applying this formula on 1 project 3 years ago,
pulling 30k~ pv/month on an adult fetish site, all from 1 article.

Then I tried doing it again and again..

In different niches and domains,
but somehow it just stopped working?..

Turns out.. It’s not quite simple.

The math works till it doesn’t.
There are a lot of variables in play, we don’t think about or measure.

There are factors we don’t see, but just assume that it is how it is.


As of writing, I solved it.

After looking, curating & filtering through THOUSANDS of campaigns, from free data comparisons to PR stunts.

Comparing from backlink profile to traffic sources & rankings.
As well as niche, content format, usability & vertical.

I was able to devise an equation to balance out the rest of the working formula.

Here are the missing factors..

  • Existing market audience size through word selection
  • Link culture across different industries
  • Dominant link building strategy within the niche
  • Generic content, audience overlap & repetitive look-alikes (Non-compete)
  • Availability of shotgun outreach, with an untouched audience
  • Accountability of link reports vs strategies picked
  • Cost per lead determines competition & organic placements