Backlink Database (Final – digital product)

Never Struggle With Link Building Again.

Backlink Database (Foundation)

SEO is repetitive & time-consuming.

And we spend bulk of that time, reading, researching and reaching out – only to fail, without proper market data.

Backlink Database solves this exact problem – by providing an outreach list that’s regularly updated for campaign success rate, along with link opportunities from different strategies.

As well as a large enough sample size of successful link building campaigns to get ideas from. 

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  • Lifetime updates
  • Request your niche (usage-based)

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Who Is this for?

Bloggers / Freelancers

Small Businesses & SMEs

Agencies & Publications

Industry Leaders & Experts

Makers / Side Projects

E-commerce / SAAS

Market Researchers & PR Analysts

What’s in the database?

  • Startup links
  •  Job listing links 
  • List links
  • CSS/Design/product Links
  • Infographic links
  • Scholarship links
  •  In-the-press links (Niche-dependent)
  •  Review links (review a product)
  •  Illustration link building (resource page, directories)
  • Directories & Forums

Problem Our Database Solves:

Content / Idea Generation

  • Copy proven content ideas, to secure a higher link placement rate
  • Get an idea of what’s done before in your industry to avoid pitfalls or failures
  • Existing market data, curated and tagged based on method used and data source with URL for easy references.

Database To Inbox

  • No complications, if your site is suited for the opportunities – just reach out for a link placement.
  • Multiple strategies provided, regularly updated as database increases
  • Existing list is maintained through user’s feedback and admin regulation.

Niche Variability & Market Context

  • Every niche has different set of link building “rules”, learn them from working examples
  • Database regularly updated, with scripts/bots running to update every time a new campaign launch
  • Editorial Process defers, every strategy has a different success rate – our database gives you context


wouldn’t the list be useless after it’s release in public?

Like guest post databases, you still have to reach out and have the right branding for it. 

The idea of it is that you have to be in position for the links to work, otherwise they hold no value for you. 

The link list will be regularly updated for usability and feedback, hence any “leak” will be outdated in a few weeks.

How Does this help my business?

As a business, you regularly have to compete for the same search terms with competitors.

It’s an endless routine of who has the most $$ to burn to buy more links.

Our database build ease into time-intensive process. Spoonfeeding you the existing opportunities, removing the needle to hunt for opportunities and filtering.

How Do you use this database?

As the market dictates, the harder it is for your competitors to acquire stronger links – the more they are worth.

This database help secure the foundational links, as well as a headstart to building proper anchor texts.

Allowing you to buy PBNs and links to money pages without worrying about overoptimisation/anchor text/unnatural link profile.

What different about free lists of link opportunities out there?

Free = uncurated, unsorted link lists that are out of date.

What I sell here, is convenience and certainty.
Why waste your time scraping for a new project when you can just find the newly updated link list here?

Our refund policy

No refunds will be issued due to the nature of the digital product. 

CAn I Request Niches?

Yes! But scarcity-based link opportunities (Pages with limited opportunities) will not be put up on a public database.

New link niches will be put up based on demand, but updates are based on agency’s usage around the niche.

Why would you promise a lifetime update on a $17 product?

I have been curating link opportunities for almost 4 years now, they stay in my spreadsheets – useless and unorganized. 

Putting it up helps me navigate through content ideas and existing market data.

I also use scripts to find new campaigns, merely uploading them takes < 2 minutes each.

Will I get a penalty from these links?

This is an editorial-focused, backlink database.

Most of which require manual approval to actually get your links up.

This is much less risky than using PBNs or buying “Guest post” links.

Of course, do your due diligence –
any large-scale abuse of 1 specific strategy will lead to a change in the market.